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A book that clued me to what was going on (back in 2004) is Thomas Sowell's Vision of the Annointed: Self-Congratulation as a Basis for Social Policy. Sure, the title is a mouthful but Sowell, an economist in his 70's, identifies the parasitic nature of bureaucrats and the backwards motivations of many politicians. He skillfully and thoroughly counters the usually unquestioned "for-the-children" justifications with the hard facts.

Excellent book alert!

THE book to read before you go vote!

Vision of the Annointed is a book that public schools won't be approving anytime soon, since the students would become dangerous in the voting booth. Sowell shows the reader how social and economic policies have played out in actual practice, as opposed to how they are initially marketed by the politicians and bureaucrats who create and sell them to the public. While politicians make promises that sound good and claim they care about "the children," by the time the actual consequences of their policies and legislation are implemented and measurable, the politician is termed out or serving in another office - in a nutshell, they are not held accountable for the outcome and related consequences of the "solutions" they push. Politicians know this, and feel pressured to promote feel-good legislation with disasterous unintended consequences rather than endorse unglamourous policies with long-term benefits.

Likewise, bureaucrats count on the ignorance of the public regarding the measurable effectiveness of the programs they administer, and work to continue and expand funding for their programs, no matter what. In spite of historical and current evidence that socialism and Communism have a 100 percent failure rate, the "annointed" bureaucrats and politicans continue to grift taxpayers by making promises they cannot keep, and they congratulate themselves in spite of their overwhelming failures.

Sowell documents (with extensive citation) the nature of these parasitic beings, and makes non-politically correct suggestions regarding affirmative action, education, environmental issues, social policy, economic structure and more.

An excellent precurser to this book is Sowell's Applied Economics, although I would recommend anything this wise gentleman writes.